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Date Modification
September 7th, 1998 Added several new pages to the site, including a research page (linked on the main page) with links to some things I have written. Also added a site index which provides a quick back door to all of the pages on this site; linked this in the footer toolbar. Finally (just for fun) added a page with an animated gif of some friends, also linked on the main page
June 23rd, 1998 Relocated the website to a new server: I moved, so it moved too. I'll have to get my own URL one of these days. Added some new pages to the site, which can be found through the CD Archives link on the main page; removed the link which allowed viewers to sign the guestbook, as it is now a read-only page due to constraints generated by the new server. Also updated my curriculum vitae, and brushed up a few minor details throughout the site.
April 28th, 1998 Oh yeah, I have a website...Updated the career info on the main page and worked on fixing a glitch in the Hey Jude Song Page. Also made a few very minor debugging modifications throughout the site.
October 19th, 1997 Removed the sound bite from the main page which was driving me (and several other people) nuts. Also began work on a guestbook, still in its infantile stages.
August 17th, 1997 Updated my curriculum vitae and gave it a spiffy new look; changed the image on the main page; ditched the javascript scroller at the bottom of the main page, which was pretty annoying.
July 8th, 1997 Updated some personal information on the main page and moved the site location to it's new home on a faster server
May 17th, 1997 Updated the links page
May 3rd, 1997 Added a link on the main page to the Abington Memorial Hospital GPR page which is currently under development. Also updated some people who have turned up on Planet's Edge
March 29th, 1997 Updated the links page
Feburary 23rd, 1997 Converted the "Hey Jude" midi on the main page into a page of its own: the Hey Jude Song Page
Feburary 21st, 1997 Updated the links page
Feburary 3rd, 1997 Corrected some formatting errors and (finally!) added a new entry to the Sporadic Journal
Feburary 2nd, 1997 Built META tags into the main page and into Planet's Edge to make the site more attractive to search engines
January 31st, 1997 Updated the links page, especially the dental links section
January 26th, 1997 Restructured the site using an invisible frames layout. Added some names to the list on "Planet's Edge"; Created another new background for the main page
January 23rd, 1997 Updated the links page
January 20th, 1997 Created a new background for the main page and updated the links page
January 18th, 1997 Created Update History ("what's new") page
January 17th, 1997 Fixed problems with viewing table on "Planet's Edge" page; removed one of the fish animations from main page