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Hey Jude, nice webpage...for a beginner.
Rose <rose.poetal@mci2000.com>
Philadelphia, PA USA -
Brian Green is helping me discover the world of the Internet. I really enjoyed your page and getting to know you a little bit. My husband and I lived in the Phil. area for 12 years and he worked at Penn's Dental School .B' MOM
Yvonne Green
Uniontown, OH USA -
dr thomas, I finally got e-mail! However, I won't probably checking it all too often but still..... when are you going to mail me some pictures? don't tell me I have to get a scanner and website too.... yours for the revolution, jk'88
jk <snoopay@hotmail.com>
Jude, Sorry I keep missing you on the phone. Regardless, your messages are funny and I do appreciate getting them. Now I'm seriously considering getting e-mail, just so I can keep in touch with you! heheheheh. What's the best free e-mail server? Well, I want to tell you all about my latest exploits on the poetree scene out here on the left. You would love it out here! The weather is so great and blue and sunny and so Jude-invitin'. Anyways, I'm at work so bye for now! your pal, Jennifer ps - don't worry about your girlfriend blues - someday soon you'll find her and you'll probably find her quicker if you just chucked it all and moved out to the west coast where you belong, you blonde. JK
Boozer <none>
yay, USA -
Jude, nice site, you should check out Dav Pilkey's site - he's a totally wacked out children's author, you should check out all the children's sites, you can add them to your "repertoire." I am totally kidding. Is there anything else I need to say. Yes. To the next girl who goes out with Jude Thomas, I want to personally talk with you...... smirk smirk smile JKIM
more Jennifer
Jude, your pictures are absolutely adorable. I now understand the stats. Please think about Michelle Hwang. Michelle, if you are reading this, I'm sorry to go so public but I think you two should give it a try. Jude's cute and so are you. You're both serious doctors and you will be rich, rich, rich. You parents will probably like him because he is a gentleman if not a scoundrel. Oh well, oh hell. Jude, thanks for talking to me this morning, you total "superschoolie." I'm about on page 22 of my epic poem and it seems to get better and better. Thanks for your insight and tips and humor and wit. Best, Jennifer Kim
Jennifer Kim <none>
Los Angeles, CA USA -
Well, Jude, I can't wait to see how long my addition to your guestbook remains posted this time! I have two requests for you to implement on your site. (1) Please stop hijacking my browser with your ill-conceived frames. (2)It's time for you to post more whitebread pictures. I dig them. --the Anti-JAP in big, stompy boots
Jennifer <jenah@usa.net>
Malvern, PA USA -
Hey Jude! Great home page!!! Brian told me about it, so I thought I would check it out. Hope all is going well for you! Talk to you later!
Carrie <frumca@washjeff.edu>